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my new community

come check it out!

my goal in starting this community is to provide livejournal users with a place to post any news or articles that interest you. I want to create a place where people can feel free to talk and discuss hot topics and current events. The parameters are pretty wide, so please post to your hearts content!!!
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what's so funny about peace love and understanding?

"The capitol is 10 blocks from my house. These protests are literally on my front door step. Pretty intense, and don't let the news fool you, the police did use pepper spray against a peaceful assembly. The crowds were even screaming "peaceful" when being pushed off of public property. The area is swarming with police keeping the public off the capital and off the park grounds. Hickenlooper even signed a proclamation saying the public property is currently closed to the public."


We don't really think of protests, like the ones currently going on around the world, as crises - like a natural disaster or an accident - but they really are. For the people being pepper-sprayed; figuring out camping logistics, dealing with the elements; becoming injured or sick, or even experiencing poor or low nutrition, hydration, or ANXIETY, these events are indeed true emergencies. And, many of the people protesting are already at the end of their ropes, having lost their homes or jobs.

So, any info, ideas or help, going out to these folks, or networking to help them somehow, would be welcomed to be posted here in the following progressive community. Protesters in need are of course also welcomed.